Bread Mitzvah Rite-of-Passage

Does one’s first yeast bread count as a coming-of-age milestone?  If so, E (13) just achieved it very successfully.  It’s a simple but perfect Italian style loaf, crusty on the outside, soft on the inside.  Mazel tov!  You could call it a…Bread Mitzvah!

The kids are still experiencing emotional distress and transitions, but I do see progress.  In general, they seem a little calmer, more secure, and affectionate, at least when I’m there!  I think they save the worst of it for when I’m not!

The other night, after Avdi and Jess went out (together, for a change), S went right to sleep, the others did, too, and I actually got some sleep, which is rarer these days.  NyQuil (for my hellcold) sometimes helps!

Yesterday, (after catching up on more sleep), I made myself walk to the antique store and dollar store, to finish buying Chanukah gifts for everyone.  It’s amazing what you can find in an antique store.  Between online and local shopping, I’m done, and stayed within my tiny budget.

I think I’ve gotten two things right in my forgettable life: I had Avdi, and I moved here to be with him and my grandkids.  I hope it makes up in some small way for all the bad decisions I’ve made.  I guess they’ll be the judge of that.


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