Shabbat Sukkot 2023

This weekend has been jam-packed and exhausting in a good way.  Friday I did the erev routine–challah, Shabbat meal, cleaning, etc.  Everyone got along and enjoyed the meal together.  Avdi got to take himself out earlier than usual, while I got S ready for bed.  S actually cooperated without a fight or meltdown!  The others were quiet and went to bed in a timely manner.  I slept over and even slept in.

Yesterday was a big day of prepping for a sukkah-building B&B.  I got the B&B stuff set up and ran errands for ice and drinks.  E baked mountains of delicious cookies in the kitchen.  Avdi built the sukkah framework.  I pruned piles of smaller tree branches and plants, and E chainsawed large branches down, which the kids helped drag to the sukkah.  The kids and some friends helped finish the sukkah and cover it with branches and decorate.  They did some token rounds of badminton just to say we did, and I got to talk to grown-up people.  As it got dark, Avdi and I and the kids said the blessings for sitting in the sukkah.  Another successful sukkah by Avdi, a collaborative effort.

I was not feeling my best all day, and the temps in the 90s took it out of me, so I was glad to come back to my apartment and chill and sleep in.  As I write this, it’s in the 60s and I have the window open.  I’m sure at some point I’ll go back and hang out in the sukkah.  (Forgot to mention, A tested negative for COVID.)


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