Running the Gauntlet

Every day brings both new challenges and new breakthroughs.

Avdi continues to run the district’s hazing gauntlet to meet all the surprise last minute requirements, legit or otherwise, but in the process has made some useful contacts and connections to help him through the ordeal.

Yesterday we had an issue with S stealing and hiding something I had made, then lying about it.  Eventually he admitted to being the culprit, and A sat down with him to discuss the unacceptability of lying.  Later, I asked S if perhaps he was so angry or sad about not getting constant attention on erev Shabbat that he was even willing to get negative attention through this action he knew was wrong.  He thought about it and conceded that might have been it.

I suspect some of my recent tensions with S, and admitting some of my frustration to the “squirrels”, has helped them to be more open and friendly with me.  Sometimes I think they may resent all the time and attention I give S, or even see it as favoritism.  There are little signs of breakthroughs there.

Erev Shabbat dinner was pleasant and conflict-free.  Jess joined us and it was a full house.  I incorporated lots of garden veggies into the meal.  S even tried and liked some of the food I had made (not veggies)!

Then everyone adjourned to the patio to hang out and wait for dusk to light a fire.  I actually was torn between staying a while and walking home, because the relaxed homey atmosphere felt enticing and welcoming.  Usually I just feel like a caregiver/housekeeper on the outskirts.  I almost felt like a part of the family unit.  But being exhausted, I walked home while it was still light.  (I made sure S wasn’t going to follow me!)

I actually got to sleep in this morning.  I needed it.  Avdi needs it way more, so I’m sleeping in for two, for now.



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