Marvin the Depressed Mushroom Robot and Other Tales of Mayhem

Sunday’s B&B in the extreme heat was a success, thanks to the pool!  Badminton was played almost as an afterthought, just to say they did.  I had a blast swimming and playing in the pool with all the kids and grownups all afternoon and evening.  Apparently, swimming, like biking, comes back!  I could swim laps like I used to.  Mostly I enjoyed riding around on the beer-holder floaty!  I almost didn’t recognize myself smiling and having a good time.  Very therapeutic.

Today I was back at Avdi’s to watch kids while Avdi took K to the movies (“Barbie”) and lunch for his birthday.  Meanwhile, we put up decorations for K’s party later this evening.  I wasn’t feeling that great, so I adjourned to the sofa.  Then S had the most violent meltdown yet, culminating in hitting me on the head, throwing objects at us, and trying to ruin the decorations.  All because I wouldn’t get up to look at something on the screen of one of his shows.  The “squirrels” helped me try to talk some sense into him, but it was useless.

When A came home, they and I briefed him on what had happened.  The consequence for S was me having to leave and go home, which was terrible for S, because he’s so attached to me.  He can’t tolerate not being the center of attention, and can’t handle his anger very well, but this consequence will hopefully stay with him.

All the kids are nervous or panicky about their first day of school tomorrow.  The logistics will be complicated, as well.  I’ll probably get to go back there overnight to help with keeping things moving along.  Then we hold our breath and hope the schools’ arrangements for assisting ND kids will make their adjustment period easier.

Here is Marvin the Depressed Mushroom Robot Sprinkler, who malfunctioned and gave up the ghost soon after making his B&B debut.  It was hilarious.  Also Y’s latest creature creation.


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