Earning My Keep Some More

Today K. wasn’t feeling well, and stayed home from school.  I spent the day working my way down my jobs list.

I remade A’s bed ( a project in itself), refilled the kitchen freezer from the other one, got some dinner going in the slow cooker and rice cooker, cleaned out and stored J&C’s downstairs bathroom drawer stuff, took the compost and some trash out, and that was just the indoor stuff!  Then it was on to gardening.

I turned off the last of the seedling grow-lights and heat pads downstairs, and took the flat of tomatoes and peppers outside.  I planted the peppers in the veg garden, and another basil plant in the herbs.  I potted some rooted tradescantia cuttings.  I did some tomato plant maintenance, and some weeding.  I thinned out a lot of plants taking over the perennial herb area.  I watered the veg garden.  I picked greens for Percy.

And…I even had time to take some photos.  Dinner is stuffed cabbage (chicken, rice, veggies), homegrown lettuces, and basmati rice.  And a refreshing icy drink for me!  I think I earned it.

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