Mow the Wabbits

One thing about Avdi’s, I always get a lot done, since there’s always lots to do!

Today I did laundry, watered the garden, mowed the rabbits I mean lawn, transferred the food back into the kitchen fridge, prepared dinner (frozen leftover Hawaiian-style chicken with rice and fresh salad from the garden), and got ready in case K. wanted to go to his graduation ceremony.  He definitely did not want to.  That was his choice and OK.  He only has a few more days to go until summer vacation.  He may have to go to PA for the summer while the kids move here, but he hopes he can stay here.  I’m “not” a biased GM, but secretly I hope he gets his preference!

You know I’m busy when I don’t have time to take many redundant flower photos!  Here are some views post-mow.  (“No rabbits were harmed.”)  Tomorrow’s list is just as long!



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