Minding the Shop

How do you tell I spent almost two days at my apartment?  No blahgposts because nothing to say!  Unmemorable stuff got done.  Real writers would work on their novel or memoir or whatever, if they weren’t too busy accomplishing actual things to write about.  Not me!  I guess you could call it a mini-staycation.  Sounds better than an empty void.

So if I’m writing, I’m probably at Avdi’s.  This time it’s for a few days, while he goes on a business trip to Chicago.  K. is graduating from middle school, and has his commencement tomorrow.  I will be the family member representing, if K. doesn’t chicken out.

Avdi and I drove over to Jess’s, who is leaving on a business trip to Paris.  On the way, he showed me the route to the high school where the ceremony will be held, and where K. is going next year.  I enjoyed meeting J’s sister and brother-in-law, who were in town for J’s own daughter’s graduation from that high school.  Then I drove J’s car back to Avdi’s, while he drove her to the airport.

Later I helped A. with some last minute chores before he leaves.  His fridge was malfunctioning again, so we had to move all the fridge and freezer contents to the other one in the garage again.  At least his new washer is working!  It’s funny how older analog appliances often outlast their fancier hi-tech versions.  The newer electronic models are also harder and more expensive to fix.  The price of “convenience”.

Here are pics of all the latest happenings at Avdi’s garden.


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