Cheers To Jobs Well Done

I still haven’t run out of jobs on my list!  K went back to school (reluctantly), and I got busy.  I took out the trash and recycle, did some laundry, finished cleaning up the garage fridge and replaced some drinks in it to chill, put some frozen leftover beef curry in the slow cooker, and other misc. chores.

Then I took Jess’s car on some errands–got some beer and sodas for A&K, and other household items on their list, filled the tank, and stopped by my apartment–I feel like a stranger there!  I watered my plants, dropped off and picked up some items, and then drove back to Avdi’s.

I finally remembered to eat something, then did a few more chores, and headed outside to water the veg garden, and harvested a colander-full of snow and snap peas.  Percy got his big salad–no two alike!  There’s a lot more to do out there, but I think I’m winding down for now.  I definitely earned my tall icy drink.

Yesterday evening, this large chipmunk was just chilling on the back patio for quite a while.  Not eating or moving, just meditating!  Lots of them make their homes in the patio raised beds, and they’re very tame, for chipmunks.  You can sit out there at the table and throw nuts at them, and they’ll come out and eat while you watch.

I saw my first large mushroom on the “zen trail”.  If you squint, you can imagine you’re in an actual woods.

The garden (including the veg garden) is transitioning into serious summer jungle mode.  My work is cut out for me–call it job security!  I’m very impressed with how exuberantly things grow here.  All except for my tomato and pepper seedlings, which didn’t thrive, for some reason.  Some of the older ones in the ground are just starting to grow larger.  On the other hand, I’m pleased to see the cucs, melons, and squash that I had to replant after the varmint invasion are finally doing well.

Gardening is always a learning process.  Notes: next year (assuming I make it that long!) I need to make wider paths and plant less of most veggies!  I went a little crazy with radishes, peas, spinach, and carrots.  Though I’m very gratified by how well–almost too well– all the various assorted greens and lettuces are doing.  It’s hard to keep up with!  Not a bad problem to have.  Nothing a herd of hungry Gkids can’t solve.

K still feels a little sick, but he brought home his impressive middle school diploma.  Cheers, to a job well done.

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