Dying Art

It’s good for me to sometimes be stretched out of my element.

Today K and I spent the day with Jess’s family for Easter.  We dyed the eggs, which was fun and colorful, then hid them, and the kids found them.  Then J and I deviled them, while Eric cooked up one of his famous meals, this time bowtie lasagna with lots of herbs.  K really enjoyed the eggs!

I got my doggy fix with a very friendly golden retriever who was walking his humans, plus of course my cat fix with Odin, who was decadently luxuriating on R’s bed, and Pixie, who was hiding up in the warm attic after her little walk outside on her harness and leash.

After cleaning up, and talking with J, everyone but me played video games.  That’s one activity I haven’t warmed up to yet, having grown up without gaming, but that’s OK.  K. was having a good time with everyone, which is the main point.

Last but not least, I accomplished another first–driving K and me home in J’s car, which she’s loaning me while she’s away at a conference in Philly with Avdi.  I did not run over one person or squirrel!  Tomorrow I may drive to my apartment to check on things, and come back.

Bonus–J and I came up with a few small garden projects for her!  I’ll make her a small herb bed with some of the extra herbs I’ve grown, sow some wildflowers in her yard, plant some tomatoes, etc. in pots for her porch, and transplant some of the excess radishes from A’s garden into planters for her.  That also solves the problem of the redundant herb plants and radishes taking up room I need for lettuces.

So that was a day well spent.  Back at home, here are some tulips and trillium from this morning.

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