Back on the Road Again, Sort of

Another first!  I drove J’s car to a store to pick up some food items for K, then to my apartment to check in.  I dropped off and picked up stuff, including plants for Avdi’s, one of which was the latest hydroponic herb, oregano, which I potted.

It was weird being in my apartment after all this time; I felt like a stranger passing through.  Driving a couple of miles there and back seems like no big deal, but for me it’s like getting back in the saddle again.

I drove back to Avdi’s where I seem to live now (!), and got back in the garden.  I planted the cucumber, watermelon, and asparagus seedlings in their respective locations.  I mixed up more soil mix for later potting of herbs and veggies for J.  I hoed weeds around the veg perimeter.  And I watered everything in.

Lots more native flowers are coming out, like phlox, jack-in-the pulpit, native coral honeysuckle, trillium, and tree flowers like an impressionist painting against the sky.

Later, I made a Mexican dinner for K with all the trimmings.  I even got to talk to some of the other Gkids online.  I feel so domesticated.

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