Machine of Industry

I’m a garden steamroller, baby.  I’m was on a real roll today.

I transplanted a lot of radishes to planters for Jess, which opened up lots of room to plant lettuce seedlings, which I did next.

Then I collected and potted up the list of herbs for J’s future herb garden.

Then I finished direct-sowing around the outside of the veg garden: two kinds of cantaloupe, two kinds of pumpkin, and two kinds of winter squash.

Then I brought out the final flat of lettuces to the porch to harden off and get bigger.

Then I watered everything.

Then I raked up some more of my piles of leaves and debris from the yard, and composted it.  Still a ways to go on that. Here are some flowers in lieu of piles of debris.

Then I went downstairs and planted another flat of assorted tomatoes, peppers, and one eggplant, so I’ll have enough to both pot up for Jess’s porch and supplement ours.

Later I improvised an outdoor moveable cage for Percy so he could catch some rays without supervision.  (I think K was bemused by the setup, but it’s my sneaky way of getting Percy outside and K being responsible for bringing him back in when it’s time.  My evil plan worked.)

Now it’s time to make dinner, which will be matzah-meal breaded fried tilapia, roasted sweet potato fries, and green beans.

Am I a machine of industry or what?


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