Up and Running

The veg garden is now unofficially almost filled, aside from the tomatoes and peppers, which can’t come outside quite yet.

I planted two final rows of mixed lettuces and greens, finishing out that side.  I cultivated the area surrounding the veggies in preparation for tomato and pepper plants.  I marked out all the paths and sections with wood strips.  It’s looking like a genuine veg patch.

Then I planted some more herbs in their respective beds, including some extra misticanza greens mix in the perennial herb bed, and prepped a space for the basils when they come outside.  Finally, I watered in everything extra well.

Next, I cleaned out and dumped a lot of recycle and trash from the garage, and took the bins out to be collected.

Finally, I worked on raking up more leaves and debris piles and dumping them on the compost.  I can’t do that job for long before I start choking and sneezing and wheezing!  But I did make progress.

Naturally, there are yet more natives and plants needing their pictures taken.  Every day I’m newly impressed and pleasantly surprised by the diversity of wonderful natives the former residents planted.  It looks like a woodland and wetland meadow.  It’s almost like someone knew I was coming and planted all my favorite ephemerals and woodland plants.

I’m not really looking forward to returning to my sterile, garden-less apartment.  I’ll probably just walk here every day I can!

Tonight’s meal is mama mia’s special secret pasta sauce and meatballs with homegrown herbs in the slow cooker, spaghetti, and Mediterranean veggies.  If it’s anything like my other meals, K will devour it.  I’m happy to see he’s eating well, and mostly getting enough sleep.  We all seem to share the insomnia gene.

I’m starting to wind down on the long list of projects I set out to do here.  It may not sound like much to some people, but I feel a sense of accomplishment, knowing Avdi will come home to a beautiful productive garden and somewhat cleaner house.  (Priorities!)  I feel more familiar and comfortable staying here, and K and I seem to have a good, working routine.  When the kids arrive, I think I’ll be more integrated and familiarized with my role.




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