Winding Down and Calling It

Today was wind-down day.  Tomorrow Avdi gets back.

I finished raking leaves and debris and dumping them onto Debris Mountain behind the shed; it’s almost as high as the shed!

I watered all the new plantings, and finished marking the rows and paths in the veg garden.  It’s looking vegelicious.  I planted the leftover horseradish roots from Pesach over by the asparagus bed, which means the holiday is basically over.

I took lots of flower and plant photos.  The irises just started blooming!!  Soon the whole front yard will be filled with them.  I included more bluebells because they’re sadly starting to fade, and I want them to be remembered.  The sage is blooming!

I’m calling it.  Pesach was good, all things considered, but Dayenu!  Enough!  To next year with family in STL!








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