“Not Work”

This is how I “don’t do work” on Shabbat.  To me gardening is zen, not work.  (On the other hand, cleaning a bathroom is work–except when I do it!  It smells and looks clean, that’s what counts.  Theoretically.  Not saying I did that.)

So, in the spirit of not work, I cut out all the evil invasive honeysuckle bushes I could find.  While at it, I cleaned out all the dead sticks and then raked out all the beds in the yard, front and back.  (Still not working.)  The whole time I was discovering new natives planted by the former residents.  I really like these mystery persons.  It’s how I always imagined a yard of my own, but never stayed anywhere long enough to achieve it.

Then I had the brilliant idea of taking a soak out back.  That is, I opened up the water valve in the basement that turns on the leaky outdoor spigot, to which I had attached the hose.  Big Spew!  Just to get near it I took a whole shower!  The newly planted beds got some, too.  So that was refreshing.  Valve closed, and staying that way for now.

Consider: plants (and animals) are always at work, even on Shabbat, growing, photosynthesizing, obtaining nutrients, and producing.  I’m sure the raging sages don’t have much to say about that.  Speaking of animals, I encountered a gigantic rabbit in the bushes out back.  I wonder if there are babies.  I wonder if rabbits like radishes!  (Update: yes!  Heheh, I have an evil plan.)

No work is in evidence in the following photos.





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