Garden Makeover and Pesach Shabbat

I didn’t have to bake challah this week because of Pesach, so that freed me up to do more gardening!  I did prepare a slow cooker Mexican-style chicken with fresh veggies, and a potato casserole using up the latkes as a base.  Compared to the last two days, it’s a very simple meal.  K. misses my challah!

I got a lot down outside.  I added mixed annual flowers to the ones I sowed yesterday, so that patio bed will be a rainbow of cutting flowers.  I planted some deep pink morning glories at the base of the front arbor.  I cleared out a whole section along the side fence in the backyard and planted mixed gladioli and sunflowers.  It’s going to get colorful around here.

That was just a warmup.  I brought out a couple more flats of seedlings to harden off on the back porch (where the mixed flowers are sown): cucumbers, watermelon, asparagus, and assorted lettuces and herbs.  Then I tackled my big project, clearing the jungle of weeds surrounding the veg garden so I can plant larger veggies there.

First I mowed it all down to the ground.  What an improvement.  Then I weeded, raked, and cultivated it.  Then I sowed pole beans, zucchini, and yellow crookneck and straight neck squashes along the fence.  Next time, I’ll sow cantaloupes and plant the watermelon seedlings.  Inside the fence I’ll plant the cucumbers.  I’ve left room for the tomato and pepper seedlings, and more lettuces.

And of course here are some obligatory flower photos!

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