Feast of Latkes, Burnt Drywall, and the Point of Radishes

Later… I made this feast of latkes and sides for just the two of us, and K. was complementing me on all the things, while enthusiastically going at it.  He even opted to finish eating at the table, not downstairs at his screen as usual, because, as he said, “This is too good of a meal to not eat at the table!”  The ultimate compliment!  It makes it all worthwhile.

We even did a science experiment at the table, seeing if we could set matzah on fire with the candles, and if it tastes any better. Conclusion: No, and No.  I told him it’s like drywall (fire-resistant and tasteless).  Toasting it does not improve the flavor.  But we had fun trying.

I asked if he wished he had been able to go to PA, but he said he’s glad he’s here where it’s peaceful, and not in PA having to deal with all the kid frenzy (paraphrasing).  I guess we have a pretty good thing going on.

Apropos of nothing, I did discover that none of us really likes radishes–also that guinea pigs shouldn’t eat them because they’re semi-toxic!  That should tell you something.  So what was I thinking planting row upon row of radishes?!  I must have lost my mind.  Lesson learned.  Just because you’re supposed to plant a vegetable in theory doesn’t mean you have to!  Radishes are like some people–pretty, as a garnish, but bitey, tasteless, and pointless.

I had this drink…some kind of Serbian pear brandy, to which I added a fancy maraschino cherry to try to improve it.  No comment.  It looks prettier than it tastes.  (Kind of like radishes!)  Pesach “drinks” suck!

All in all, a very fine and worthwhile day.


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