Full Moon and First Day of Pesach

Last night was a beautiful full moon, which I took a picture of early this morning.  It was so bright out, I think it woke me up.

It being the first day of Pesach didn’t stop me from being a whirlwind of activity, inside and out.  I did laundry, changed the beds, swept floors, cleaned out the fridge and freezer and organized them (there were some evolving science “projects” in there!), prepared food for tonight (second “Seder”), made Percy his salad as promised, reorganized all my seeds, and that was me just getting started.  Then I went out back to garden!

I planted two kinds of nasturtiums in the middle of each annual herb bed, a mix of beneficial flowers in the remaining patio bed (marigolds, calendula, and zinnias),  the rest of the greens and lettuces I had been hardening off on the patio in the veg garden, three kinds of onion seed in the next row, and finished prepping the future asparagus patch with amendments.

Then of course I took photos of more flowers, including, wait for it, bluebells!.

This evening’s dinner will be potato latkes with sour cream and apple sauce, other Pesach Seder side dishes, and a salad (tested and approved of by Percy).  Speaking of seal of approval, I should mention K. loves my charoset, even though it’s merely “adequate”, so that was a big compliment.



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