Laying the Groundwork

Our work week got off to a good start yesterday (M).  As it was springlike, I walked to Avdi’s, where K. was off for MLK,Jr. Day.  Avdi worked in the office, while I worked on cleaning the house.  I even got to talk to my next oldest grandchild E. on the phone, which was great.

I cleaned out the fridge, cleaned and straightened the dining room and living room, washed dishes, addressed some business mail, cleaned out J&C’s old room and stored their gear down the basement, cleaned up the downstairs bathroom a little, took out garbage, and anything else I could think of.  I took a break outside and saw masses of spring bulbs coming up enthusiastically.

Later the three of us had our Monday house meeting, in which we talked about scheduling, jobs, meal requests and assignments, etc.  K. was a full participant.  Then Avdi and I discussed additional garden seed-starting supplies he might need, and ordered some.  Then he took me home.  The evening sky was pretty, almost anticipatory.

This evening I’m returning to spend the night with K. while Avdi goes out.  This time I’m prepared with an overnight bag.  Good practice for this summer.  Tomorrow we’ll make a major cardboard recycle run, and do some grocery shopping, and I’ll make dinner there.

All of this is to work up to having a regular family routine in place when the kids arrive, with each of us knowing and  carrying out our respective roles, but with flexibility to allow for unexpected things coming up.  Especially with the various neurodivergent and developmental disorders involved, a predictable routine and secure, calming atmosphere is essential.

So I guess this blog will partly become a journal tracing my progress reintegrating with my family, preparing physically and mentally for reacquainting myself with my grandkids, and taking a more active role, which was the main reason for moving here.  I think this will be a very healthy, positive, though challenging, transition for all of us.



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