Assistant Set Designer

If the impending arrival of the kids were a film set, and they were the cast, I think my job could be described as the assistant set designer.  I help with all the “below the line” dressing or setting the scene.

Yesterday was a case in point.  I slept over, then woke up and got K up so Avdi could take him to school (it was raining and cold).  After A and I ran some errands, he worked upstairs all day, while I worked below stairs on cleaning, organizing, and laundering the kids’ areas.

It’s a big job, not done yet.  There were piles of trash, dirty clothes and bedding, and scattered kid stuff to sort.  I also straightened up Percy the PigWig’s area while I was at it.  (I think he’s more of a prop than a cast member.)  It already looks a lot better down there.  The objective is to provide a clean slate to welcome them.  They may proceed to re-trash it, but that’s a storyline for another day.

I did several other jobs as well, and then made a Mex-style dinner for the three of us, which they seemed to appreciate.  We’re starting to get into a routine pattern, like rehearsing for an upcoming production.  A big production!  Fortunately, I get a day off to stay home and rest up for the next work day, tomorrow, erev Shabbat.  No more just dying slowly for me!


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