You have your Daleks of the world, howling “Exterminate, exterminate!” and then you have your simple Frogs and Toads, trying to get seeds to germinate.

Seeds grow at their own rate.  You can’t shout at them, read or recite poetry at them, sing or saw a fiddle at them, and expect them to just speed up their process.  You can’t scare them into growing.  When they are ready, and conditions are right, you’ll see them emerge.

Lest you think I’m being all deep and metaphorical, my literal lettuce seeds are just poking their little sprouts up through the soil of my vast fields of cropland on the windowsill.  The conditions were just right, and they weren’t afraid to come out.  It’s Science!

Any resemblance to people or current events blahblahblah is purely coincidental.  No plants or animals were abused in the making of this blahgpost, although in the privacy of my mind, certain persons may have been a little exterminated!  No-o-o, I didn’t say that…

This is also Day 3 of my little Experiment.  My evil plan is working.  I’ve substituted some positive habits for unproductive ones (brainwashing E into submission er uh getting her day off to a good start minus triggers) whilst (I just felt like saying whilst) I do my thing not involving the latest holocaust atrocities.  Hence, here I am writing folksy homilies and aphorisms.

If I were a Dalek, I’d be the one yelling “Procrastinate!”  But hey, at least I’m learning how to put off the negativity and despair until later!  And hopefully amusing you, my loyal readership of 2.5, while you’re, um, not procrastinating.  😉


© Arnold Lobel, Frog and Toad Together







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