Not my Imperial Wizard

I’m just going to put this out there, and then get back to more wholesome topics.  So arrest me.

That depraved, vulgar, mentally deranged person and his klan in the WH can never be my president or represent my fellow citizens.  I could never respect them, let alone entrust them with matters of consequence or national security.  They endanger everyone I hold dear, and the very principles our democracy upholds.

It’s disgraceful that a loud, ignorant rabble of religious fanatics and extremists can still take over our country, and ban the very immigrants and persecute the very minorities our constitution has pledged to welcome, accept, and protect, all in the name of their hateful white supremacist “god” and “values”.  It’s like the crusades all over again, only with casino mentalities.  They conveniently forget their history, their own refugee roots, fleeing religious and economic persecution.  Then they proceed to whitewash atrocities and genocide right out of their collective memory in order to facilitate the process all over again, with passive compliance from their herds of sheep-followers.

This agenda affects you, me, our loved ones, and the very earth we stand on.  These holocausts–the Nazi butchering of millions of my own people, the brutal slavery that built our country, the savage genocide of native Americans who were here first, the list goes on and on—happened because of greedy, power-hungry terrorists who forgot their own humble origins, along with the passive/aggressive consent and tolerance of small-minded people, the same enablers who continue to not see “what’s so bad about DJT?”

I have no patience or tolerance for these purposely ignorant cowards, and I will continue to not recognize this president or his klansmen.  I will put my loved ones, and anyone who is victimized by these madmen and their devotees first, before I bow down to a fascist dictator and betray my own people and what we stand for.

I’m not a brave person, as I suspect you aren’t; the thought of such a possible nightmare scares me to death.  It’s never far from consciousness.  May it never come to this; may the fools just sabotage and destroy themselves, and let us get back to progressing without too many casualties.  But if we ordinary people don’t speak out for human rights and constitutional justice when push comes to shove, who is going to do it, and when?

Thank you; we now return you to your regularly scheduled gruel.

November 24, 2015

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