Experiment Day 2

Bwahaha my evil scheme is working!  First thing in the morning, I point E toward her cozy chair, with coffee, in front of the big screen full of mesmerizing nature scenes (oceans, forests, streams, etc.) with hypnotic music in the background, so she can zone out for a while, far from her Laptop of Doom.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing my usual morning puttering around, away from my computer as well.  I may glance or skim through emails and feeds to make sure the world didn’t end overnight, then instead of diving in to the Black Hole of Existential Despair, I’m trying a new strategy.

I may try writing practice earlier in the day.  I haven’t had time to refuel my political rant machine yet, so I’m forced to think of a more innocuous topic to start the day off.  Obviously if I were still working, this would all be moot, but I’m not.  My employment is to keep the demons at bay and maintain some mental sanity while we prepare for our move.  That’s a job in itself.

I’m aware that if you ignore evil lunatic presidents, they don’t just go away; in fact, it enables them to carry out their dastardly agenda with less resistance.  But there’s nothing monumental that I personally can accomplish to overthrow the government early in the morning, so I can be conscious and vigilant away from the hopeless headlines for another hour or so.

Then I may head straight into my other new daily habits, to make myself appear more productive than I actually am!  Or rather, to fool myself into not procrastinating.  My objective is to organize and downsize as much of my own personal dreck as possible before we move.  You’d think, having had to move and leave stuff behind several times in recent decades, I’d be down to the bare necessities.  You’d be wrong.  It’s amazing how those pesky things follow you everywhere, like needy dogs.

Also, have you ever noticed how one minute, 60 seconds, on the Infernal Machine (elliptical) can seem so much longer and harder each time?  No?  Well, it does to me.  But it will not defeat me.

It’s pretty sad when you have to devise strategies to avoid reminders of a crazy fascist taking our country straight to hell and us with it, so you don’t go stark raving mad.  But that’s the new reality, and not a TV show you can just turn off.  But I said I wouldn’t go there…yet.

Meanwhile, down under, the peasants are starting another day of slamming and banging and hating each other.  You’d think by now they’d have all killed each other already, give us a little peace and quiet.

Anyway, here are more cute animals.  Resistance is futile.









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