Progress Report

Moving right along…happy to report that my resolutions haven’t fallen by the wayside… yet.

I may have skipped a day or two of filing, but I made up for it with other reorganizing.  I subject myself to my one minute of Infernal Machine each day.  I’ve reduced my bogus political input/output except for getting my obligatory anti-Trump rants out of my system.  You’ll have to put up with that for a while, probably until he’s out.  I’ve been writing and reading almost every day, limiting my FB time to more positive engaging with proactive people I meet online.

As for snacking, well…we can’t all be perfect.  It’s winter, and we’re semi-hibernating.  Hey, we only eat one meal per day.  At least it’s healthy.

It’s been so encouraging meeting progressive activists online in our future home around Knoxville.  Who knew there was such an inclusive, diverse community in such a red state?  If nothing else, Trump has strengthened the opposition and resolve of people from all walks of life to join together to stand up for each other’s human rights and freedoms.

This momentum doesn’t appear to be dying down, but rather solidifying into grassroots political and social action.  Everything from holding representatives accountable, to considering running for office, to supporting local immigrant businesses, to showing support for marginalized groups, to offering assistance in many areas, it’s all happening in the south.  Not so much up here, but even Ohio seems to be rallying a bit.

We ourselves have already been offered helpful contacts and referrals for many aspects of our upcoming move.  We’ve been made to feel welcome by strangers before we even get there.  So some good has come out of a very bad event.  And it seems to be rippling out all over the country.  Evil, hurtful values won’t stand for long against integrity and truth in this country, because it’s not what decent people are all about.  At least that’s my takeaway.  I hope time proves me right.

E is busily cooking up one of her famous southern country breakfasts, complete with homemade from scratch biscuits, and other items I can’t mention or I’ll have to kill you, so off I go for now.

PS. Watch out, southern cooking, competition is on the way, from, go figure, Ohio.




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