Stupid’s Time is Finite

I may be cynical when it comes to fairness and justice in the world, but I do believe in karma, or cause and effect.  It’s simple science: stupid genes get theirs eventually.  One way or another, the depravity of this admin is going to collapse in on itself.  They can’t perpetuate their delusion indefinitely; there will be repercussions.

Americans are rising up from day one, standing up for integrity and human rights.  Smart and caring people won’t take this lying down.  The consequences of Trump’s acts will hurt the very people who voted for him, and they won’t be able to blame Obama anymore.  This fraudulent contract will expire; it’s just a matter of time.  And we’ll be doing our little part to support the triumph of human dignity over sleaze.

Part of me just wants to cringe and die, but the other part wants to live to see that day, hopefully sooner, when this juvenile delinquent and his gang are found to be in contempt of constitutional law or conflict of interest, or whatever it takes.  I have to believe that this nation has not taken total leave of its senses.  I want to believe that the opposition and resistance will grow and not lose heart or acquiesce.  I do not want to live to see our very planet losing ground and disintegrating because of political greed.

We’ve come too far to just give up and concede.  Billions of lives, present and future, depend on how we respond to this crime against humanity.




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