Trojan Horse Theory

I’ve seen some reliable political commentators indicating that Trump may simply be a puppet or trojan horse by which the real players, Pence and Co. (or Putin?), can take over with their agenda, then “pull the trigger” on Trump soon after.  Trump himself seems to be clueless and childish most of the time, lending some credence to this theory.

Then there’s the debate among laypersons over whether a Trump impeachment will necessarily take down Pence as well.  There appears to be some historical precedent for the latter.  But then don’t the next perps in line simply take their place?  I’m one of those civilians who isn’t too politically savvy, but I do notice that the usual rules and laws don’t seem to even apply to this administration, as they would to any other President in history.  He seems to be above (or below) the law.  So it’s anyone’s guess what will happen.

In fact, facts don’t even seem to matter or count to this admin; they just make it up as they go along. They live in some surreal world of make-believe.  They just spin it to reflect their delusional wishful thinking.  Meanwhile, back in the real world, it’s getting scarier by the day.  You’re afraid to wake up and find out what new reckless outrage has been imposed.  Make America vulgar and uncivil again.

Maybe extremity is the mother of united civil disobedience, which is what I see happening in the most unexpected of places.  People of all backgrounds who would never normally intersect or engage with each other, are actually joining together in movements to oppose this hostile coup.

Maybe it gets much worse before it gets better, but it’s heartening to see so many kinds of people standing up for civility and justice for each other.  It’s reassuring to see corruption exposed and accountability demanded of our leaders and public servants.  Maybe white supremacy and fascism won’t prevail this time around.  I hope we prove to be better than that.

I hope I prove to be someone who doesn’t shrink back in fear when push comes to shove.  I hope I’m the kind of person who will risk insecurity to stand up with and for victims of injustice and persecution when the time comes.  I’m not a very brave person, but I feel strongly about civil rights, social protections, and the environment.  Fear and insecurity are part of how these guys got into power and have their way.  I don’t ever want to be that kind of enabler.

For now, all we common people can do is bide our time, see how it plays out, and try to survive in an increasingly hostile environment.  I’m encouraged to see ordinary people galvanized to step up and get involved to make a difference.  I retain hope that these jokers in the West Wing will destroy themselves, and more reasonable minds will control the damage.

Then I can go back to more humdrum routine blahgposts about boring, regular stuff.  You know, like resolutions.




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  1. It does seem like Trump is the kind of guy that anyone could get “dirt” on if they had deep pockets and the right contacts.

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