RIP Percy the Person

As it turned out, I temporarily came out of isolation to attend the sad family funeral of Percy the guinea pig.

He was really K’s pig, providing security and support for his autism as well as a companion.  K was deeply heartbroken by the loss, and I found I was close behind him, having gradually gotten to know and appreciate Percy’s company down in K’s basement lair.  To me he was a person!  K is rarely witnessed crying and distressed, like myself, so we were grieving his loss as well as Percy.

We all (including Jess) gathered outside where Avdi had dug a small grave where Percy used to like to hang out with K.  Each of us contributed a few words or an offering of foods or items to send him off, then we buried him.  Avdi and I even said Kaddish together.  K stood there for a long time, heartbroken and withdrawn.  He lost more than a pet.  I could empathize.

Later, Avdi made a wonderful meal of Asian steak and vegetable kebabs over jasmine rice.  I took some down to K, whose weekly meal request it had been, and he was able to eat.  I cautiously ate my first actual meal in a week of feeling wretched.  Mostly I just sat there exhausted, but glad for the family company.  We were all sad and subdued together, even S.  Joyce came over with flowers and cheered us up as always.  She drove me home and got to see my apartment for the first time.

I forgot to mention in all the bereavement, E and Y had tilled and cleaned up debris in the veg plot while I was gone, which was appreciated.  Also, most of my little green baby veggies are coming up enthusiastically downstairs.

Now back to my recuperation so I can rejoin humans for erev Shabbat.  This latest onslaught of unrelated painful afflictions really took it out of me.  This aging thing really sucks.  Not for the squeamish.  But it only makes me want to come back more.



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