Taco Shabbat

I spent erev and overnight at Avdi’s.  I’ve been feeling really fatigued and out of it.  I made challah as usual, but kept the meal unusually simple for a Shabbat—tacos with all the fixings.  I also wanted it to be something everyone would like.  Only, I couldn’t eat, myself.  I just sat there, enjoying my funny family.

Then I actually went to bed before everyone, but of course couldn’t sleep half the night.  Then I made up for it, with some surprisingly graphic dreams, even for me..  (I think just reading this boring post would cure anyone’s insomnia.)

In the morning, Avdi took E to CRC services.  I planted another seed flat downstairs, this time tomatoes.

It was warm outside, with flowers blooming everywhere, but mostly all I could do was slack off.  Later, E got out and tilled the garden some more, while I “supervised”.  I did a few minor cleanup things around Percy’s grave and the herb beds, just to feel like I did something.

Avdi drove me home, where I finally ate something and mostly sat around like a zombie, waiting for drug-time to come around!  Yes, this is what it’s come to!  JK, I’ll be back.  It takes more than a couple of setbacks to keep me down for long.


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