Missing Summer in February

This was another lost week for me.  So of course we have temps in the mid-80s.  I haven’t been outside in like a week.  I won’t go into the medical details, but I had two unrelated conditions involving extreme pain and swelling.

I was finally able to wrestle the evil CVS out of one bottle of amoxicillin, which I desperately needed.  They didn’t make it easy.  After many complicated transactions and failed delivery orders, they finally got it to me.  The irony is, the med itself was free to me, but the delivery charge(s) were ridiculous.

I hate being so fraught with ailments and not being available to help out, but I’m useless in this state.  I even had to cancel one of my Dr. appointments.  But I love having my own private apartment (and bathroom) to recover in.  It’s a luxury.

Not much else to tell.  At least my orchid is not sick!




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