Shedding Light

This has been a particularly overwhelming week for Avdi.  “Bleak” was one of the words he used to describe it.  I was glad when he asked to have me over for “moral support”.

As it happened, he was in a school meeting with school officials about the issues with S, when S had a meltdown and trashed his classroom and got suspended again.  So S was with Avdi when he picked me up, and spent the afternoon alternating between calmly playing as if nothing had happened, and having a long, shrieking meltdown over having to take a nap.  So a more in-depth comprehensive approach to S’s issues will have to be worked out.

Meanwhile, Y and the others continue to have their own crises and difficulties, while Avdi struggles to get work and business done.  It’s really not humanly possible to carry all that alone, and yet he does.  I wish I could get him an assistant or clone for Chanukah!

On a happier note, they all lit the 6 Chanukah lights (times four menorahs), and they got a few more tchotchkes each.

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