Lights, Latkes, and Labyrinths

The last couple of days have been a blur of Chanukah candles, S exploiting his suspension (and me) at home, Avdi trying to work around all the added commotion, me trying to navigate the emotional gauntlet that is Y, me trying to coordinate the medical and transportation labyrinth, and catching up on sleep in between.  My dreams have been unusually insane.

But it’s all good.  I got to borrow J’s car, so I actually could go grocery shopping, run errands, and schlep myself and all my stuff to and from Avdi’s.  The kids were happy to get all the little tchotchkes, for the most part.  E made some really excellent from-scratch latkes; we were all impressed.  They really are an amazing chef.  The last time I saw Avdi yesterday, he actually looked slightly less fatigued.

Here are a bunch of photos.  I’ve even included my little “cubicle” downstairs.


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