Turning Tables, Gambling Dreidels

I’ve spent a few nights at home to spare Avdi giving yet another ride; the kids are very demanding.

It worked out, because there’s always more pesky business to take care of.  My dentists needed help getting sorted out and caught up to speed, which means a ripple affect of last minute appointment-and-ride rescheduling for me, not simple.  There is no way I’m delaying my major dental reconstruction project, because of a failure of communication.

Right now I’m waiting on a half-dozen call-backs that are all semi-interrelated and time sensitive, to get the medical, transportation, and food help I need.  I hate feeling so dependent.  What if I were demented and disabled, on top of it, like many oldsters?  It’s like waiting for the dreidel to drop, hoping it’s gimel-loaded!

I neglected to light Chanukah candles while home alone–just not feeling it.  It’s really a family festival.  But I have gotten caught up on sleep, which was very welcome, and worked on eating a more balanced diet, which is challenging.

I don’t mean to kvetch.  I’m very grateful for all the help I get.  I’d be lost without all the kind volunteers who spend their spare time assisting people like me.  Ironically, I had hoped to be doing some volunteering myself in STL, if only I had money and transportation.  How the tables can turn!  As it turns out, it’s probably more productive to stay closer to home and family.


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