Fun with Cybureaucracy

I spent most of today at home applying online for various assistance programs I may be eligible for because of age and low-income.  One is to pay for my Medicare premiums, etc, and others are for help with food/delivery.  Since my income might not increase enough to meet my rising living expenses, I’ll be lucky if I break even.

Missouri repubs use absurd technicalities to make it very difficult to qualify for basic human assistance like Medicaid and related programs, so I have to find alternatives and hope I’m not disqualified by some bogus loophole or long wait lists.  Missouri also makes it complicated or impossible to actually reach the relevant party or sentient being to help you apply for the correct program.  One phone number I called had a queue of hundreds of callers before me.  I’m not that dedicated.

Fortunately, I’ve gotten pretty good at navigating online sites and applications, and scanning/uploading the proper documents to prove I exist and don’t have an imaginary cash stash.  That is, if there’s said sentient being at the other end who gets it.  Then I wait weeks and months, not holding my breath.

But I am brave, according to this CVS sticker I got for getting my latest COVID/Flu shots recently.  I don’t give up without a feeble stab at gaming the system.

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