Mabon Sameach!

This is actually my second Autumn Equinox in STL, although the first one went by in a blur of moving in.  I vaguely remember colors, but mostly the fact that MO hasn’t chopped down all their trees like OH.  (Slight exaggeration.)  The weather is such that I can open up the window of my apartment and breathe in fresh gasoline fumes and sewage runoff (also slight exaggeration).  Not too shabby, all things considered.  If I squint my ears (?), I can almost imagine the Watson speedway is ocean waves.  (My hearing is officially not great, according to Audiology.)

Yesterday (erev Shabbat) I think I outdid myself again on the Challah and meal, according to reliable sources.  I did something different: baked salmon, roasted Mediterranean veggies, homemade mac’n’cheese, and fresh tomatoes from the garden.  S ate the mac’n’cheese and challah, par for the course.  Things were pretty quiet and even peaceable.  Avdi got to go with S to his school parent/kid event, and Y spent overnight with a friend.  My leg held out all day (with reinforcement) and I got a lot done.

I may or may not have more interesting items to report later, depending.  In the meantime, here are scenes from erev.




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