The Case for Human Augmentation

My latest medical adventure was ENT and audiology, to try to get to the bottom of what causes my vertigo attacks.  Naturally I have to go to yet another specialist to keep narrowing it down, involving multiple visits, one of which will be over 3 hours long.

This is getting really time-consuming!  But I suppose so is a week of incapacitating vertigo, with no warning.  And that’s not taking into account all the other specialists I have lined up for other concerning issues and body parts.

This aging crap is ridiculous.  When do you get time to just live your life, with all these appointments supposedly keeping you alive?  Now I’m my parents, oy.  The horror.

Here are random photos to change the subject.  These two squirrels were just sitting together in a drainpipe outside my window with their little heads sticking out!



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