Harsh Hits

Yesterday Avdi took me to lunch!  This is significant because it’s been so long since we’ve been able to do anything together, and he made time in his busy work schedule to do it.  We went to the beautiful Bowood by Niche, a restaurant right inside an urban garden center, and ate outside on a patio surrounded by plants.  The menu and drinks were well-crafted and creative, and we actually got to talk grownup talk for a change.  I appreciate such respites all the more since they’re so infrequent these days.

It turns out what’s more significant is that my son won’t be able to go to an important conference this week, the final one of its kind, taking place this time right in STL.  He’s been longing to go to it for a long time, but what with kid responsibilities, the high cost, and work, he wasn’t able to sign up for it.  It’s hitting him hard, and I can understand, but there’s nothing anyone can do.  It’s one of the high costs of having so much responsibility with inadequate resources all on one person.

An ordinary person would be angry and resentful that friends have the money and freedom to attend, and he could be forgiven for that, but that’s not my son’s way.  Mostly he’s discouraged and despondent because his circumstances preclude him from access to professional and personal benefits he used to enjoy.  It’s no one’s fault, just unfair reality.  It would take magic or superpowers to fix it, neither of which I possess.

To add to my inadequacy, my stupid bum leg keeps preventing me from helping out in even the most minimal ways.  Talk about karma.  I can’t chance walking over there, which usually makes it go out.  I can’t expect Avdi to have time out to pick me up and bring me home every day.  It’s hard to do even routine chores.  I have enough medical appointments lined up without yet another one to arrange a ride for well in advance.  I hate not being part of the solution, however minimally.  Hopefully this setback too will pass.

Sorry for the gloomy post.  To offset it, here are some scenes from yesterday’s outing.  One can’t even categorize STL’s architecture and landmarks, because it’s all so diverse and unique, with historic 19th century mansions of all types next to iconic modern high-rises.  Nothing mediocre about this midwest town.


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