MegaPizza and Puppet Purgatory

I spent the night so Avdi could go get some grownup time.

After the most humongous pizza ever, I was treated to the never-ending  “puppet show” by S.  Puppet show basically means some legos and stuffties interacting with mouth noises across the room with me as a captive audience.  Even when he drifts off into space, my eyes must be glued open.  Riveting stuff.

Finally, relentless hours later, he put himself to sleep on the sofa, with no persuading from me!  With eyes glazed over I gratefully tried to do the same downstairs in my “cubicle”.

Early this morning, on cue, I was awakened by S skulkily standing heavy breathing by my bed.  But hey, he no longer stands at the top of the stairs, afraid to come down, shrieking “Nomi” repeatedly, so that’s progress, I guess!  I feigned sleep, so finally he just lay down on the floor.

Then the 7:15 meds alarm went off, so I sleepily got up, and did the morning routine.  Then guess what–more puppet show!  I was relieved when Avdi relieved me, and drove me home.

There may or may not be a Beer and Badminton (B&B) today, but that’s OK.  I’m actually fine being by myself!

Here’s a picture of my so-called “patio” and morning glory “shrubbery”.  It’s a tradeoff–no garden, but time to myself, priceless.  With beer, bonus.  Seriously, though, I know I earned it allowing Avdi some well-earned furlough.


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