The Fugitive

It was just a matter of time, and nothing that the school wasn’t forewarned about.  Still, it startled me when suddenly S showed up at Avdi’s in the middle of the day, all out of breath, unable to talk, and trying to lock all the doors.  Half a dozen school personnel ran or drove after him, and caught up with him at the house.  Even a cop showed up.  It was like a fugitive chase scene.

Everyone was very concerned, and talked to him, reassuring him that there’s always a place he can go and talk to someone and they’ll understand, rather than just run from school when he’s frustrated or angry.  Eventually things calmed down, the squad dispersed, and Avdi walked S back to school and talked to people.  They’ll try to work on a new strategy.

It’s not the first time S has pulled something like this, but it was still pretty disconcerting.  He himself doesn’t seem to know what’s happening or why.  I was impressed with the caliber and understanding of the school staffers, who obviously have dealt with ND kids.

The rest of the day went less eventfully, with the usual erev preps, until E and Y came home, hating each other’s guts over a typical misunderstanding.  E was fuming, and went out to climb a tree, their way of diffusing.  Y continued to sulk.  Eventually everyone settled down and talked about it.  But then Y got insulted again and locked themself in their room.  Just another day at Avdi’s.  Most of us did manage to enjoy dinner together, once we played political musical chairs again.  S was his usual self, as if nothing unusual had happened, though he doesn’t forget anything.

On the positive side, it was so nice out, Avdi opened all the windows, for a change.  Joyce came over, and we drank fancy G&Ts.  Later, I walked home and petted lots of doggies on the way.  Not a boring day, at least!





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