Festival of Nations

This morning I walked over to Avdi’s, and I was almost cold, the weather had changed so fast.  I’m sure it’s a false teaser, but who’s complaining.  It stayed cool and cloudy, a perfect day for an outing.

All of us but S, who went to Jess’s to do gaming, piled in the car and went to the Festival of Nations in Tower Grove Park.  There were food booths from all over the world, and not just the usual suspects.  They represented countries and cuisines on every continent.  And the visitors were obviously also from many of these places.

It just reinforced the fact that STL is an international crossroads, with populations from everywhere.  As you walked, the changing aromas were amazing and tantalizing.  It was also like a dog pageant of every conceivable breed and mix.  I definitely got my doggie fix.  The only downside was, the lines were ridiculously long, but mostly Avdi and E braved those, while Y and I relaxed among the trees.  K set off on his own to explore and meet up with us occasionally.

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten out to a city event.  I almost forgot how!  It’s a little challenging with the kids being so needy and demanding sometimes, but not too bad.

When we picked up S on the way home, he started sobbing when he learned I was being dropped off at my apartment, and not staying.  He’s very attached to me, but this time of transition to school should help with that.  The other kids are like, whatever.


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