Hell to Back Burner; Reduce to Simmer

And just like that, the Hell Roast gave way to t-storms and normal temps.  What a contrast from this week.

It was almost freakishly quiet waking up at Avdi’s this morning.  Everyone went to bed early and slept in (other than S of course) after their exhausting week.  You could hear the thunder over the subdued kids!

S and I talked quietly for a while, brainstorming strategies for what might calm him down when one of his temper tantrums prevents him from proceeding.  Something seems to trigger him to freeze and go berserk for certain routine tasks.  No one, including himself, really understands what’s happening to him.  Apparently some neural circuits are not connecting properly.  It will take a while, hopefully not years, to get to the bottom of it and find solutions to help him function more typically.

The beginning is just understanding that it’s a neural development issue that requires extra work and support from us, not just a kid being “bad” or malicious on purpose, out of personal spite.  I wish my parents’ generation had understood that.  It stresses people out, but knowing how to respond appropriately, not blindly react in anger, is half the battle.

Avdi decided to get himself and the kids to neutral scenery, so they dropped me home and visited MOBOT’s Butterfly House, a tropical conservatory full of plants and butterflies you can interact with.  A perfect getaway on a pouring summer day.  As for me, more and more I’m torn between “fixturating” with the family and recovering at my apartment, but I chose the latter.  At least one of us gets to take timeouts.



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