Heat Index of HELL

THIS.  IS.  INSANE.  110 with heat index of 124!  If you don’t believe me, numbers don’t lie.

Our neighbor Joyce came over and just sat in the lukewarm pool to text on her phone.  Her daughter’s class lost AC and they could barely function.  After work and school, Avdi and S braved the broiler to just sit (not chilling) in the soup for a few minutes.  If you just stand out there you braise.  I tried it.  No way.  Next door, the construction crew had to work in this.  How do employers live with themselves?  No, there’s no climate change.

Indoors in the AC, I did my usual erev routine.  The kids made it home alive.  Joyce and I hung out with beers.  Avdi sank to the kitchen floor with a drink, after a long day of work.  Jess came over, and the whole family ate dinner together.  We celebrated the kids making it through their first week of school.  It’s a big achievement.  Things are mostly quieter here, since everyone’s exhausted.

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