Comatose and the Other Shoe

That could be a band name, do you think?

Once the kids were all situated and temporarily crisis-free, there was actually no need for me to skulk about at Avdi’s, so he dropped me at my apartment, and I immediately proceeded to drop into a coma for hours.  Then I woke up, did some stuff, and returned to the comatose state until later this morning.  I mean, I literally could not wake up, like I was drugged.  I think I may have been sleep-deprived!?

Unlike my privileged self, Avdi doesn’t get the luxury of sleep.  Inevitably, on the second day (today), the other shoe dropped.  I don’t have details, as I’m sure A is knee-deep in dealing with and resolving school bureaucracy and kid issues.  Eventually all will be sorted and decompressed, but it shouldn’t have to be so hard.

In lieu of flowers, here are some ducks in a row.  They’re significant ducks, in that Avdi gave me the skeleton, and S gave me one of his treasured plushies as a gesture of remorse after one of his violent meltdowns.



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