Capybara Birthday

It was a big first–getting to spend Avdi’s birthday with him and the kids.

Naturally he had to work as usual, but then we took time out to go see the new capybara exhibit at the STL zoo.  It was his (and my) first time seeing one in person, a momentous occasion if you’re a fan.  It was so hot, most of the animals were splattered over rocks, or in water, or in their caves.  We saw lots of hippos swimming underwater with fish, and some adorable dwarf mongooses (not, it turns out, mongeese).

Then we had Avdi’s birthday with friends over, some good takeout Mex food, a tomato pie, an apple pie, some cake, and some gifts.  E had made some excellent confections from scratch.  I spent the night and most of today over, mostly watching Sé.  This evening Avdi, with Y and S, drove me home.  It was Y’s first time at my apartment, which she liked–a preview of things to come.





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