A New Milestone

Uh…where was I?  I’ve been commuting back and forth on foot to and from Avdi’s to watch kids, but yesterday was a new milestone–S wanted to make the long trek with me to my apartment for the first time!

It was a hot, tiring walk each way for him, and Watson Road was indeed a scary speedway, but we made it.  He had a nice time watching stuff, eating lunch, and playing with stuffed animals and other toys on my bed (in lieu of a nap).  He was quite content for a couple of hours, before we walked back.

Meanwhile, in addition to work, Avdi assembled the second loft bed in E and Y’s room, with the help of Jess and Y.  E and I checked out the veg garden, which now has zucchini, straight-and crookneck yellow squash, cucumber, okra, and the beginnings of melons.  There are baby green tomatoes.

Last Shabbat I made southern-style collards and roasted carrots, turnips, parsnips, and peas, all from the garden.  Percy was happy.  Poor pig has been getting lost in all the shuffle, somewhat like his boy K, who’s trying to avoid all the chaos.

Of course lots of new flowers continue to bloom.  Sometimes I even get a moment to take pics.  Here are some random shots of some of the goings-on of the past…however long it’s been!




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