Candy Apple Tank Driver

Another first for me, though it won’t sound like much to most people, was to get brave and drive Avdi’s big red tank (SUV) to the grocery store!  It had to be done, or there would be no challah!  While at it, I was able to pick up some basic necessities of my own, thanks to Avdi.  The mission was a success.  I did not gun down one civilian.  No collateral damage.  Most of all, the challah and Shabbat dinner got made, and we had a pleasant meal together (aside from the musical chairs).

The kids have gotten used to the Friday routine by now, even S, so they kept themselves occupied mostly quietly all day while Avdi worked.  S’s meltdowns are getting fewer and farther between, with Avdi’s management and guidance, and hopefully my backup and support.  He even offers to help me, along with the “squirrels”.  I think Y is starting to back off on some of the malicious antagonism.  E wisely tries to stay out of it, or step in helpfully when they see a need.  K mostly stays to himself in his new lair downstairs, occasionally intervening when S gets too agitated.

E and Y often harvest root veggies and squash for me to prepare, so the meal was predominantly from our own garden.  Everyone seemed to like the result.  Even S is starting to try tiny portions of unfamiliar foods.  The challah miraculously keeps beating its own record of perfection, and is always the big favorite.  It was worth the scary tank drive to pick up eggs!

In the evening the three youngest kids rode along to drop me home, as the snow cone stand is on the way!  That was fun.  As it turned out, it’s a good thing I had today (Sat.) “off”, because I felt really unwell for some reason, and needed to sleep it off.  Maybe all the caregiving lowers my immunity or stamina.  I always feel a little guilty getting to take time out to recover, when Avdi doesn’t get to rest much.  But I figure if I die of exhaustion, I won’t be of much help to him!

Here are a few shots caught on the fly.  The garden seems to be thriving without me!




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