First Motherless Mother’s Day

It’s still a hot, wet jungle out there.  I ventured outside a few times, to harvest greens and take photos, but scampered back into the AC to cook and bake!  It’s seriously summer here.

On tonight’s menu is tequila lime chicken and cilantro lime rice with a large homegrown salad of like a dozen different greens, sampled and approved by Percy.  And of course the renowned challah, better than ever.

Avdi and Jess worked in the office most of the day, and she’s coming back for dinner.  At one point they went out to try a new local bagel place–the bagels seemed authentic and excellent, especially with scallion cream cheese and smoked salmon.  I died and went to nosh heaven.

This Sunday will be our first Beer and Badminton of the season, for those not already doing Mother’s Day.  I the Mother Unit will preside over beer.  I’m practicing by drinking a Victory right now.

This will be my first motherless M-day.  It happens to us all, but the first time is weird.  I keep forgetting I don’t need to send her a gift.  It’s a sad first.

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