STL, Florida?!?

OMG, I think I live in !@#$ Florida!!

It finally rained, and suddenly it’s a muggy humid jungle out here at Avdi’s.  I keep expecting to see alligators cruising down the drainage lagoon behind the houses.

The veggies in the garden just doubled in size overnight.  The seeds I replaced the eaten-by-varmints seedlings with have suddenly germinated!  All the peas are flowering in pretty shades of pink.  It’s like veggies on steroids!  We might have to get out there and start grazing like cattle, to keep up.  Not a bad problem to have.

I was running out of nothing to say at my apartment, so you can tell I’m not there now!  I finished all the busywork I could think of to do there, which wasn’t much.  Now I’m back in the house (and garden) of busywork!  I guess I’ll go find some more to do.





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