What a Dishwasher is For, and Other Clever Skills

This post is just to prove I can get even more boring than the last apartment post!  Do not operate heavy machinery while reading this post.

I finally figured out what my dishwasher is for–storing food storage containers, lids, and disposable utensils!  Isn’t that clever?  It’s the perfect appliance for it (and not much else).


While at it, I sorted and reorganized cabinets and closets.  Kind of like the proverbial sock drawer.  I actually have room to spare.  I’m accepting donations of basic kitchen equipment if you need more space!

Having almost no grocery money this month wasn’t as much of a hardship as one would think.  I had enough nonperishable staples laid in to fake it, and even to fill a bag for a local nonprofit food drive.  Plus doing Avdi’s garden work provided me with some fresh produce, for which I’m grateful.  (Ironically, the grocery money went toward my ongoing dental construction project which will allow me to be able to eat hypothetical food in the future!)

So far I still haven’t turned on AC.  I’ve managed to keep the apartment quite comfortable by using ceiling fans, opening windows during cooler times of day, and keeping blinds closed to block solar heat.  I save lots of money and energy that way.  (Also by not having or using major appliances like dishwashers!)

If you’re still with me, good job!  Sorry I can’t help you with your job, with all my retirement overtime!  I know it’s annoying listening to someone trying to find things to do with all their time!  To be honest, I don’t miss slaving for an employer (or losing the job to caregive) every waking hour for decades, then having little to show for it or live on.  But the flip-side, idle time on a fixed low income, can also be challenging.  I try to make the best use of it I can.  I’m sure the Gkids will fix all that!

Well, that’s your bedtime story.  Technically, I wrote!  I should turn these blahgposts into a drone-cast!  [evil Vogon laughter.]  I’ve gotten enough exercise gardening and walking to take a break for the next round.   I’m honing my balanced diet skills on an extreme budget (actually easier without superfluous food).  Reading “The Expanse”, check.  Socialization, check (when I can get it, or the occasional dog).  Garden zen, check.  And you thought I was neglecting those infamous Habits!

If you made it through this one, my compliments.  I barely did.  Not exactly habit-forming!  Writing something from nothing is also an acquired skill.






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