Call of the Wild…Backyard Bunnies and Bushels

Today’s garden agenda was: water, weed, cultivate between rows, clean up a pile of branches from yesterday, harvest like a bushel of beautiful spinach, plant a few more baby herbs, freeze spinach for Avdi, give Percy his salad of mixed lettuces and greens, and take a few photos, including one of my bunny buddies, who always imagines she’s hidden from sight.  That human will never find me!

Every so often I walked down the new “woodland trail”.  It’s kind of zen.  Now I’m thinking, some LED fairy lights throughout.

Then I walked home.  I was wishing I had a doggy friend to hang out with, but next best thing– the little free book kiosk had a copy of Jack London’s “Call of the Wild”, which I had left mine behind in NJ, so now I have one.  (Yes, I’m aware of controversies surrounding his and others’ attitudes from that era, but it’s still a classic.)

I’m about to start reading James S. A. Corey, “Leviathan Wakes”, #1 in the Expanse series, so I will never be bored again!

Guess what I’ve been living on–you guessed it, fresh spinach, greens, and radishes!  I figure I earned it from all the gardening.  I feel privileged.


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