Driving Practice and Mitzvah Farm Collards

Today was full of firsts.  First, Jess took me out practice-driving her car, so I could have wheels while they’re away.  I passed my test!  Like jumping back on the bike.

I brought the rest of the herbs and greens over to Avdi’s, to plant while he’s gone.  While at it, I took some more photos.  (Can you tell I can’t get enough of bluebells?)

Then, A&J dropped me off at the CRC Mitzvah Farm spring planting event, where I got to meet lots of fellow volunteer gardeners all planting hundreds of collards to provide greens to the neighborhood.  It was fun and productive, getting to know people from many backgrounds, and working together for a good cause.

Tomorrow, it’s off to Avdi’s for all of Pesach while he’s away in PA with the kids.  I’ll have plenty of gardening to keep me off the streets.  And a loaner car in case I need to get on the streets.


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