Dodging Tornadoes, and Pesach Preps

Last night another so-called tornado bullet was dodged, I’m relieved to report.  I guess I’d better get used to this.  People here pretty much ignore it and proceed with the status quo.  The Midwestern way.

Yesterday I apparently even outdid myself on the challah, according to A&K, the experts.  It was so pillowy and fluffy, it would have made excellent bedding.

Out in the garden, more great native surprises are emerging, such as mayapples.  I love how they unfurl.  I noticed some VA bluebells blooming white.  And the variegated trillium are always fascinating.

I spent the night at my apartment.  Today I did all the Pesach seder plate preps  (charoset, etc.), even though we’re not officially doing seders this year.  At least I can go through the motions.  I concede the charoset award to my brother Robert, as I’ve graduated to challah nirvana.

I also got most of my remaining herbs and greens ready to transport to Avdi’s, including the latest hydroponic basil potted up.  My mission to grow plants for Avdi’s garden is mostly accomplished.  This week while housesitting, I’ll work on installing the hardier ones out back.  My work is cut out for me.


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